Past Projects

Metropolitan Las Vegas has had many projects over the years.  Below are some highlights of our past projects:


Other Past Projects

The Metropolitan Las Vegas Club has been involved in many projects over the years.  Here are a few of the past projects and agencies supported:

Regina Hall:  Each year the club with clean part of the Pahrump highway with the assistance of the girls from Regina Hall.  It gave the girls an outing and a positive impact on thier enviroment.

Children's Miracle Network:  Many members of the club have helped volunteer for the telethon.

Cross Roads Family Shelter:  


Donkeys for Kenya

The only Source of water for the village of N'goswani is a catch basin from the Ng'iro River, approximately a day's journey by foot.  The chore of hauling the water to the village has been the burden of the women and children, leaving little time for other activities.  Our club initiated a "Donkey Drive" to help the village purchase donkey's to help with the hauling of water.  


Bears & Binkie's

This program was created to assist families in transition through the Family to Family Program, a Las Vegas based non-profit agency.  The program provided Teddy Bears to children, complete with adoption papers, blankets and more.  Teaching the children to care for their bear is a way to stress positive parenting techniques.

Kenya School

In collaboration and cooperation with the village of N'goswani, Keny, we have built classrooms to educate Ma'asi children in the Rift Valley.  We continue to support the school girls through scholarships.


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