Until you have experienced the joy of a teenager who tells you that your scholarship is going to mean the difference between going and not going to college and that you have just made it possible for her to achieve all her goals and dreams,
until you have shared the heartbreak of a young mother who would not have had any place for her and her children to go if not for SafeNest (Domestic Violence Shelter), that Soroptimist supports,
until you have participated in providing gifts for seniors, veterans, military and AFAN families during the Christmas holidays making their holiday wishes come true,
until you have seen the "most improved" reader from an at-risk elementary school honored and receiving a certificate, a gift card from a local book store, a pin with Green Light: READ logo and acknowledgment from their peers at an assembly,
can you know or experience the total feeling of self-worth that participating in these types of service projects can bring you.